OOSH is a NZ Owned family business organically grown from $5, with our own unique Kiwi way of doing things. OOSH believes life should be fun and include a little bit of crazy now and then.  To keep life around OOSH Headquarters interesting Crazy Mumma Suz has come up with an OOSH Dictionary to help you understand what being an OOSHie is all about.


The OOSH Experience Good old fashioned fun, knowledgeable enthusiastic, genuine great service
OOSH 80's slang for good, great and fab!
POOSH Posh interjection expressing excitement
OOSHie Precious OOSH customer
OOSHies Two or more precious OOSH customers, known to congregate where there's fun to be had, known to be dangerous in groups... expecially at SALE time!
OOSHified An OOSH customer has brought and happy with their product
OOSHisms Super OOSH advice from Crazy Mumma Suz, the Queen of OOSH culture
OOSHtastic Fantastic, best one ever
Papa OOSH Kiwi, Suzie's super patient husband, father of five, only man mad enough to work with 45 opinionated woman and co-owner of OOSH
Crazy Mumma Suz Suzie Johnson the driving force and owner behind OOSH, mum to five, busy empowering woman one dress, jacket and necklace at a time
Shanfrancisco OOSH Shannon, the start of the OOSH empire
OOSHilicious My gosh you're looking HOT!
FabulOOSHness When you walk out the door wearing OOSH, sexy and seductive, fab femme fatale, careful boys!
OOSHifier OOSH policy and procedure manual for awesome service and training
OOSHer OOSH employees... The Team to give that one of a kind OOSH Experience
OOSHmania OOSH customer get manicly over excited about the NZ brand, has a lot of product and admires others sporting it, can't pass an OOSH shop without stoping to go in and buy!
OOSHify Take one person, business or town at a time and empower all those connected with it to be the best they can be... OOSH!

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