YOU and your OOSH Body Shape.

Here at OOSH we’re all about empowering woman and what makes YOU feel special. Ladies we’re all different, beautiful and unique in our own way. No one’s perfect which is OK. It’s about knowing how to work with what YOU have, looking your best and knowing it!  At OOSH we can give you the confidence to do this.  Whatever your OOSH Body Shape, be it a Bootylicious or Busty Babe, Sweet Petite, Hour Glass or Tummy Temptress, we are all beautiful.  Working with what you have to make the most of what you’ve got is so… OOSH!  

All our OOSH in store fashion consultants are trained to assess and fit garments to your Body Shape by camouflaging the bits we aren’t so proud of and emphasising the bits you are proud of.  Feel free to call into your local OOSH store for One on One Body Shape advice, or grab a Group of Girlfriends and make an event of it, we'd love to help you to maximise your OOSHiliciousness.  Don't have time right now, please feel free to print out our Body Shape flyer below.



Check out our on-line guide to finding your OOSH Body Shape and making the most of YOU!


OOSH Bootylicious Babe (Booty means bottom)

An OOSH Bootylicious Babe Body Shape may have:

    • well-defined waist 
    • can have a narrow bust and shoulders
    • full and rounded thighs and booty
    • small bust
    • some are lucky to have a decent bust and booty

    OOSH Busty Babe (Busty means breasts)

    An OOSH Busty Babe Body Shape may have:

      • bust and shoulders, wider than your booty 
      • narrow hips 
      • slim legs
      • might have a flat booty 
      • look top heavy

      OOSH Sweet Petite

      An OOSH Sweet Petite Body Shape may have:

        • some may be lacking in the height department
        • tiny all over = petite

        OOSH Hour Glass

        An OOSH Hour Glass Body Shape may have:

          • bust and shoulders are at the same width as your booty 
          • defined waist 
          • full bust and booty
          • figure resembles and hour glass
          • shapely legs

          OOSH Tummy Temptress

          An OOSH Tummy Temptress Body Shape may have:

            • no waist definition 
            • silhouette is round
            • bust, waist and booty are similar measurements

            Finally, its important to dress for your  BODY SHAPE. So here's some handy hints:

            BOOTILICIOUS BABE, say yes to a-line skirts and empire line dresses. Wide leg long and 3/4
            pants with empire line jackets and tunics with angled hems.  Layer up with long mesh cardis, tunics and beads.

            BUSTY BABE, work those assets with v-necked tops and dresses.  Short fitted
            jackets or longer empire line coats. Wear your belt on the hips to balance out the boobs and accessorise with long scarves.

            SWEET PETITE, yes to patterns, yes to all neckline styles, yes to puffy sleeves. Fitted shaped
            tailored pantsshirts and dresses all show off your Sweet Petiteness to its full potential.

            HOUR GLASS, show off that waistline with dressesjackets and pants that nip you in at the waist.
            Scoop and v-necks with pencil skirts, teamed with long necklaces to balance out those
            big boobs, simply stunning.

            TUMMY TEMPTRESS, layer up ladies. Tights and tunics with long mesh cardies or jackets. Round or v-necks suit you best, teamed with a funky chunky necklace.

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