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Suzie Johnson is the dynamo behind the NZ brand ‘Oosh”. Rumour has it Suzie has undiagnosed
A.D.D, as she is unstoppable!

Suzie began this journey only eight years ago. Initially selling from her shed, markets and people’s homes all the while her twin boys were babies. Her hobby of manufacturing beaded Jewellery and Hand Painted Canvas Art that turned into a saleable Retail brand – OOSH.

In 2007, Suzie and her husband Kiwi purchased and renovated a derelict building in Shannon and
‘Shanfransisco’ was born. Initially opening four days a week and juggling kids, Manufacturing and
manning the Store.  When the Store opened they only had $5.00 left in their bank account, and the mortgage was due. They had risked everything, IT HAD TOO WORK!

'Shanfransisco' became a niche and shopping destination as four more stores were added.  'OOSH' was the start of Suzie’s own clothing brand, designs MADE IN NZ. Clothes that are trendy, funky, colourful, functional, and affordable.

While taking over Shannon Suzie also wrote a stand-up comedy show 'Wot Not to Wear' and self-published 'The Book' . 

In three years OOSH had 4 stores in Shannon and looking to expand. In 2011 a building was purchased  in Woodville, fondly renaming the town ‘Holly Woodville’. Opening three more stores that replicated the Shannon business model.  

A better supply line was needed so Oosh started a sewing factory to design and produce their own quality NZ MADE CLOTHING in Ahuriri Napier, SEW OOSH.  An Oosh Retail Store was built on the front of it, selling the clothing as well as imported line. The Concept store ‘The Oosh Experience’ was started.

With the stable supply line established OOSH has expanded into other locations, including:

Suzie trusts her gut feeling and intuition when it comes to business.  Suzie wants to OOSHify NZ one town at a time and believes ‘fortune favors the brave’. It takes hard work and long hours to succeed.

Suzie’s vision and goal is to empower women through the OOSH range and too have her own TV show eventually. ‘if you don’t have a goal, where do you kick your ball?’

Suzie believes be around positive people, then pay it forward, so watch this space you haven’t heard the last of this crazy lady yet!


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