Housework - Makes you ugly!!

Posted on May 05 2015

That was a argument to my husband for why I needed to hire a cleaner. How could he not agree!? Who wants an ugly wife voluntarily? I ask you! No one - right!? F@#K housework!!

Also the more sensible and grown up reason...I decided that I could be way more productive painting canvases in my studio for three hours than cleaning. It makes a heap more money than doing chores. It's about working smarter not harder. So if you work full time, hire a cleaner!

Don't get me wrong I do spot clean and constantly wet wipe all day. But I panic when I get down to five packs of wet wipes in the pantry. To think I never thought those plastic cannulas of Wet Ones would take off in the 80's. Now there's a wet wipe phenomenon, they're possibly used even more than Trade Me!

Housework makes you ugly - don't over do it!!

Suz xx

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