Life is too short!!

Posted on May 01 2015

Don't go through life hting your job or your partner. Life is too short.

Wishing your life away will make you ill. Gives you cancer I reckon, never being happy. Do what you gotta do. Eat cake! It helps.

Those ladies on the Titanic will wish they had some pudding and didn't wave away the dessert trolley!

You never know when you will be at death's door and you'll think, '"Damn it, all I really wanted to be was the kids miniature train driver at the Esplanade (great dwarf job) or to drive the mobile library, but I had a desk job at the IRD from age of nineteen until I turned sixty three!" Just think..."What do I want people to say about me at my funeral? I better do some cool shit so they can write and say cool shit about me!"

It's all about picking a good attitude. Try to have no regrets.

Suz xx

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